German Kitchens for North London

It’s fairly evident that we here at Silke love ourselves some German kitchens. We’ve built our entire business model and presence on the fact, after all. Why exactly do we throw our lot in with German style kitchens, though?

The answer is quite simple. More then any other kitchen style or design aesthetic, German kitchens offer a unique blend of cutting edge technology that not only works well, but looks great. In fact, those who appreciate quality engineering will agree that German kitchens offer the best functionality, seamlessly blended with beautiful sleek design, fully epitomising the concept of efficiency.

Having designed hundreds of kitchens over the years, with many of them being largely German-influenced, Silke’s deep knowledge of this unique aesthetic allows us to advise you on every minor detail of your dream kitchen. We don’t think it’s too bold of us to state that we understand the design ethic more then any other kitchen retailer based in the area. This not only gives us an edge over our many competitors, but also assures you get the best possible German style kitchen you can.

Our German kitchens encompass a large variety of styles, finishes, and colours, with prices able to suit a wide range of budgets. Add in our top of the line 3D Rendering program that allows the most true-to-life recreations of your potential kitchen, and you’d be foolish not to design a kitchen with us!

German engineering of course means you get the most durable worktops and surfaces, too. After all, what use is a kitchen where the surfaces can be damaged by preparing a meal? Quartz, glass, Corian®, or pretty much anything else; Silke can accommodate most any desire.

If you have any further questions about the design state, installation, or any miscellaneous queries you’d like to run by us, please feel free to reach us through our contact page for friendly and helpful service.

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