Kitchen Islands

One of the greatest innovations of modern kitchen design is that of the kitchen island. With an ever expanding market for larger, open-plan kitchen extensions, it was only natural demand for kitchen islands would increase along with it.

Those that are unfamiliar with the concept may be asking: what exactly are kitchen islands? In essence, it’s an additional, freestanding counter top situated somewhere in the kitchen, separate from those running along the walls. That’s about the only consistency, as it happens; beyond that, a kitchen island can be more or less anything you want it to be. It can be long and slim, wide and round, or squared off. It can contain additional cupboard underneath, or it can be entirely solid.

It can contain any number of appliances or fixtures- Ovens. Sinks, Dishwashers, you name it- or it can simply be another place to prepare, chop, or even serve food. It’s entirely up to the individual!

The idea behind a kitchen island is that it provides more workspace in a kitchen, although even that can be relatively open to interpretation. For one thing, it can create a clear, distinct boundary between a food prep/cooking area, and a living/dining area. A great number of them may include seating, but this is not a necessity and again will depend on what you intend to use it for. Cleverly designed or shaped islands may even help direct traffic in the kitchen, moving it away from hotspots and helping to keep it free from overcrowding.

We offer a range of kitchen islands, which can be viewed both at our showroom, and in our Kitchen Projects library.

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