Dishwashers, ovens, microwaves, and wine coolers; all staples of the modern kitchen, where quality and style come as top priorities. Silke deal with the world’s largest high quality manufacturers in kitchen appliances, including the big four – Miele, Gaggenau, Sub-Zero, and Wolf – alongside other top German brands.

At Silke we pride ourselves in understanding the technical specifications of all appliances offered, and as such can offer our expert advice on gas, electrical, and plumbing requirements to ensure absolute inter-compatibility in your new dream kitchen.

Our solutions guarantee total satisfaction, whether you enjoy hosting lavish five-course dinner parties, prefer to dine with a microwave meal, or anything else within the spectrum.

From the most technologically advanced induction hobs, right up to the most lavish wine coolers to keep the bubbly at the perfect temperature; Silke’s designs epitomise the current era of contemporary modern kitchens, whilst taking care to match colour, style, and control systems right down the line.

Allow Silke to piece together your ideal kitchen. Contact us to book an appointment today!

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Coffee Makers & Espresso Machines

Although not an absolute must for many people, a Coffee Maker can still be a sound investment for the people who just cannot start their day without a nice hot coffee, or for those of us that are only just starting to dip their feet into the waters of alternative styles and flavours of coffee. As an additional bonus, many coffee makers come with the added feature of a thermal carafe, meaning you can keep your coffee hot for hours.

Specialist Appliances

Depending on your lifestyle, hobbies, and budget, there are also more specialist appliances. For wine enthusiasts, there are wine coolers that maintain the wine’s temperature to help preserve it. For those with kids (or just nostalgic for the 1970s Soda Stream), there are Soda Fountains, that allow you to create large quantities of soft drinks of varying flavours, many of which contain less sugar than store bought drinks.