Blanco LogoWhen renovating your kitchen or bath area you want the replacement fixtures to be functional and attractive. The entire purpose behind the remodelling process is to upgrade these pieces; they need to be practical and easy to care for and maintain so they will last. Blanco manufactures some of the most beautiful and best sinks and faucet fixtures available today.

Sinks by Blanco
Blanco offers a variety of sink designs falling into three outstanding categories: Stainless steel, SteelArt, and Silgranit® II Sinks.

Stainless Steel Sinks
Manufactured with a seamless flow envisioned, stainless steel sinks by Blanco are tough, easy to maintain and clean, and they are simply gorgeous to look at. These models feature a polished satin finish that is quite extraordinary.

SteelArt Sinks
Each sink in the SteelArt line is made only from the finest stainless steel and is completely hand crafted; incredibly unique and beautiful! You can count on their durability and endurance of beauty over the years.

Silgranit® II Sinks
Blanco Silgranit® is a hard stone product which consists of 80% granite. It is highly resistant to heat, scratching, and stains and is very easy to clean and maintain. Best of all Silgranit® comes in 8 different shades to match your décor perfectly, and the sinks themselves come in over 20 shapes. Your taste will be suited to perfection!

Blanco Faucets & Fixtures
When you purchase your fixtures from Blanco you are investing in a product which is not only functional and beautiful, but durable and carefree as well. Offering everything from your basic polished stainless steel faucet collections to vibrant colors to suit your style all the way to brushed stainless steel, for the more muted tones you may long for, you can find the faucet and fixtures of your dreams at Blanco. With over 100 shapes and styles to choose from the only problem you will face is which one to get!

Exceptional Customer Service
Blanco makes customer satisfaction their top priority. Not only will you receive the finest, most beautiful sinks and faucet products in production but their highly trained service staff will see to it all of your questions are answered. They will be more than happy to consult with you regarding your designing needs and desires, and they will provide you with excellent guidance regarding which products they offer that are able to fulfill your every need.

Blanco is the premier sink and faucet manufacturer, combining beauty, practicality, and innovation at every turn. You will find your Blanco products complement your home and its décor perfectly, and you will be extremely pleased with the lifetime of fine service the products will provide for you. Contact Blanco for more information on their excellent line of kitchen and bathroom sinks and faucets.