It seems an obvious statement to make, but people are going to use their Neff ovens to cook a multitude of different things. From the first day of operation to the last, an oven will be used to roast, bake, broil, fry, maybe even grill, so it’s absolutely paramount that the oven you purchase is not only durable, but versatile as well.

Neff understands this well, and right out the gate they make it clear that their ovens are designed for multi-functionality first and foremost. Whether you’re recreating a dish from a reputable recipe book, or creating your very own confection from scratch, Neff ovens are designed to make the process as easily and intuitive as possible. First and foremost, their expansive range of ovens (in both Single and Double formats) come with a number of pre-configured settings for different dishes, with a Prime Meat Cut setting being listed specifically on their site. Like a number of kitchen appliance manufacturers, Neff has also being implementing the latest in innovative Steam functions in their ovens, allowing for juicier, healthier meals.

That’s not the only way in which Neff kitchens are at the forefront of current technology. For example, their ovens all feature CircoTherm technology, which ensures that heat is distributed evenly throughout the oven at all times. Their FlexiRail technology also further expands on the idea of reshuffling space in the oven, by way of sturdy, heavy duty rails that can be adjusted to accommodate different dish sizes easily.

Their AquaAssist technology further helps keep food moist, by way of a small water reservoir in the top left of the oven, which pumps the water through to a heater that converts it into vapour, before being introduced into the oven proper. And finally, perhaps their most innovative feature is the Slide & Hide functionality; put simply, it is a unique spin on the oven door that allows the oven to be hidden from view, blending into the kitchen around it even when in use. The functionality isn’t solely for aesthetic reasons, however; it also greatly reduces the risk of accidental burning, and even allows for easier access to the oven overall.

With functionality and form like this, it’s not hard to see why Neff ovens are such an incredibly popular choice among customers!