Siemens DishwashersIt can be said with complete honesty that Siemens dishwashers are amongst the very best in the world. Their brand is already synonymous with quality, but the chorus of special features included in these appliances only add to their already superior quality.

These features include the ingenious varioSpeed, which allows you to speed up the washing cycle in times of need. To be specific, varioSpeed Plus will wash and dry a full load in just over an hour. Considering the usual load will take about two hours, that’s pretty impressive if we do say so ourselves.

Another favourite of ours is rackMatic, which allows you to very easily lower or raise the top basket for those annoying moments when a large pan or serving plate just won’t fit. This time saving feature means you can just get on with other more important things.

Tried of towel-drying plastic items? This is a thing of the past with the wonderfully named extraDry feature. This monitors the moisture inside the dishwasher and keeps on drying where necessary. Simple, but very useful.

Perhaps you’re a small household and really can’t justify waiting for the entire dishwasher to be full each time. To combat this, Siemens dishwashers have what is called halfLoad. The idea is that this energy efficient smaller load used 20% less water and 10% less power. Even with these savings, you can look forward to a marvellous result every time. If you want to use even less water and power, then the economy wash uses as little as 6 litres depending on model.

For those who really want the best of everything, the studioLine range dishwashers offer even more features such as wine glass holders as standard. This prevents breakages by keeping everything well supported when intense water is being sprayed about. A brilliant wash, but a careful one.