I’m sure we don’t need to state how vitally important it is that your fresh food and drink stays as fresh as it possibly can. A top quality fridge and freezer is absolutely essential to a top quality kitchen, and you can’t do much better then Siemens fridges.

Firstly, we must point out the wide array of options available to you. Not only do Siemens offer individual Fridges, Freezers, and Fridge Freezer Combos, but they also offer a variety of types. This includes freestanding models, built in models, and even American style fridge freezers. They have a fridge or freezer for every style of kitchen, each one fusing form and functionality as per Siemens impeccable standards.

It is, of course, within the functionality that Siemens’ fridges and freezers really begin to shine. As far as their fridges go, their vitaFresh technology is particularly notable; selected parts of the fridge will create temperatures close to 0°C, and at the right humidity- dry for meat and fish, humid for fruit and vegetables. This allows food to stay fresher for three times as long as they otherwise would.

Two other options for keeping produce as fresh as possible are their hydroFresh and crisperBox functions, both of which allow you to safely store fresh fruit and vegetables, and adjust the humidity levels with each. hydroFresh boxes will keep your produce fresh and packed full of vitamins, and crisperBox ones will, well, keep them nice and crisp!

The extendable glass easyAccess shelves are something to rave about, too. They can be extended up to halfway out and, as a result of being made of glass, are entirely see-through; this allows ease of access, and allows you to clearly see what is contained at the back of the fridge at all times.

Siemens fridges and freezers are nothing to sniff at. For starters, the varioZone technology allows each individual to customise the layout of the freezer to suit their needs, however much space they may require. This includes a bigBox, an extraordinarily high-built box that can contain anything from a stack of pizzas, to an entire roast chicken or leg of lamb if necessary. And finally, there’s their noFrost technology, which ensures that no matter how cold the inside of the freezer gets, frost buildup will never occur. That means never needing to defrost or de-ice the inside of the freezer, something which we think makes them a must-buy right out the gate!

Much like the rest of Siemens’ appliances, their fridges and freezers keep your food as fresh as possible with an efficiently low energy output.