HB55MB551BWhen it comes to Siemens ovens, this one is the daddy of them all. With two separately controlled ovens, you can cook two things at the same time! Perfect for a traditional British roast, and for those large gatherings where a multitude of different foods are to be prepared.

The main oven boasts 9 functions, and the second 4 functions. That’s 13 functions in all. One such feature is the very clever hotairEco, which focuses cooking power onto one shelf; this means you use much less energy for the same task. Very efficient indeed, and good for the environment. You can feel good that you’re being green without sacrificing on convenience.

Also included is a very accurate timer, which is ideal for when you want to cook something without paying attention. Great for those tired days when you can’t devote attention to the process.

Another really cool feature is ecoClean, which uses some very fancy materials which heat up and destroy all grease and grime leaving only a fine powder. Simply wipe down every now and then. No scrubbing ever again!

Now for our favourite… 3D Hot Air. This is very clever indeed, and is especially useful for heating baked goods whilst locking in plenty of moisture. We hear it time and time again that using this function to reheat takeaway pizza is incredibly effective.