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How it works

In order to qualify for the Cashback of £250, two Siemens studioLine cavity appliances (participating models listed below) must be purchased from the same Retailer they have purchased the kitchen furniture from. Accessories (including warming drawers) are not included.

Additional cashback amounts will be awarded with the purchase of additional Siemens studioLine appliances as part of this promotion (models and cashback amounts listed below).

Promotion runs between 1st April 2020 and 31st July 2020. Claims must be received no later than midnight on 31st December 2020.

Claim Example

Category Model Cashback amount
Oven HN878G4B6B

Compact oven CN878G4B6B
iductionAir Hob EX877LX67E £500
aCool Freezer FI24NP32 £500
aCool Wine Cooler CI24WP03 £500
aCool Fridge CI30RP02 £500
Dishwasher SN878D26PE £250
Total £2,500

Qualifying appliances for cashback

Model Model Cashback value
Oven HN878G4B6B

£250 for x2 cavity cooking products
Oven HB878GBB6B
Oven HB478GCB0B
Oven HS858GXB6B
Oven HB458GCB0B
Oven HB458GCB6B
Oven HR478GCB6B
Compact oven CS858GRB7B
Compact oven CN878G4B6B
Compact oven CM878G4B6B
Compact oven CP465AGB0B

Qualifying appliances for additional cashback

Category Model Additional cashback value
Coffee Centre CT836LEB6 £250.00
inductionAir Hob EX807LX33E £500.00
inductionAir Hob EX875LX34E £500.00
inductionAir Hob ED851FS11E £500.00
freeInduction Hob EZ977KZY1E £250.00
flex Induction Hob EX977LXV5E £250.00
flex Induction Hob EX877LYV5E £250.00
flex Induction Hob EX677LYV5E £250.00
flex Induction Hob EX878LYV5E £250.00
Induction Hob ED877FWB5E £250.00
Induction Hob ED677FQC5E £250.00
Hood LD97DBM69B £250.00
Hood LR18HLT25 £250.00
Hood LR29CQS25B £250.00
Hood LR99CQS25B £250.00
Hood LR97CBS25B £250.00
Hood LC91KWW69B £250.00
Hood LC97FVW69B £250.00
Dishwasher SN878D26PE £250.00
Dishwasher SX878D26PE £250.00
aCool CI18WP03 £500.00
aCool CI24WP03 £500.00
aCool CI36TP02 £500.00
aCool CI30BP02 £500.00
aCool CI24RP02 £500.00
aCool FI24NP32 £500.00
aCool CI30RP02 £500.00
aCool FI30NP32 £500.00
Refrigeration KI86FHD40 £250.00
Refrigeration KI86NHD30 £250.00
Refrigeration KI87FHD40 £250.00
Refrigeration KI81FHD40 £250.00