In Vogue Kitchens

Now that the year is well under way the time has come to share our findings on the most in vogue kitchen design trends of 2019.

This time handleless kitchens are again popular with the British public, just as they have been in previous years. German style designs are leading with a clear margin in terms of interest and demand. Consumer desire for sliding pocket doors has certainly increased too, again reinforcing the no-handles aesthetic.

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In Vogue Worktops

Unsurprisingly solid surface worktops have seen a sharp increase in uptake, with stone, granite, and composite quartz being particularly fashionable. Of course, the always hard-wearing and heat-resistant laminate tops retain their popularity in part due to their great value for money. Great design and functionality doesn’t always have to come at a price, and these surfaces are the proof in that pudding.

All of these surfaces can be matched like-for-like with our beautiful doors and cabinets, and in most cases we can even match appliances as well. So whatever surface you go for, there are plenty of design and colour options!

Colour Is Back

Speaking of colour, high gloss worktops have made a huge jump in mainstream uptake due to their unique look and feel. There really is nothing quite like them, and one only has to see the slideshow on our showroom page to get a feel for what kind of feel they can create. The latest design trends dictate that colour is in; gone are the days of dull kitchens void of life, and we couldn’t be happier!

Vogue Kitchens of Yesteryear

Whether you’re a follower of what’s in vogue, or simply have a taste for timeless classics, Silke are sure to provide an unbeatable range of design options to satisfy even the most discerning among us. Be sure to contact us if you need any advice, we’re here to help!

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