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If you’re thinking of remodelling your kitchen, you’ve got a lot of choices to make. The first one, though is what material you should work with. Do you want wood cabinets, a chrome fridge? What about acrylic kitchens? That must be worth your consideration.

A versatile look

Acrylic kitchen units are some of the most versatile when it comes to colour and style. They go with just about any style or décor, and can be paired with chrome, wood or any other material for a mixed look. So, if you’re not redoing your kitchen all at once, you can find pieces that will work with your existing look, and transition into the new theme.

If you’re starting with your cabinets, Brenxo Acrylic has some great options for colours. And everything they do is customised, so you can be specific about what you want for your kitchen.

And speaking of colour

The best thing about acrylics is the variety. Any shade of any colour can be found in an acrylic kitchen. Going beyond colour, there are pattern options as well. Groovexie makes a pattern with giant hibiscus flowers patterned on a slick red background that is just so bright and cheerful.

Easy to clean

Wood requires a special finish that can wear off, and occasional polishing. Acrylics need none of that to stay clean and shiny. They require only a wipe down to maintain their beautiful shine.

This is important when considering health, too. Germs breed and spread in kitchens faster than anywhere else in the home. An acrylic worktop is quick and easy to wipe down and disinfect, because materials can’t soak into it as quickly as wood or even marble. So there’s less time for germs to take root and start multiplying.

Light up the room

Lighting is a factor in any room, but the kitchen most of all. A kitchen needs to be well lit, especially in the morning when natural lighting can help get you ready to start your day. This is where acrylics really take the prize. Acrylic kitchens reflect natural light, no matter how little there is. It will bounce the light through the room, brightening the whole kitchen, and your outlook on the morning. For an added bump, pair it with a bright colour like this great bright blue fridge panel from Frigo Design.

Long Lasting

For most people, remodelling your kitchen is a one time event. So you need it to last. Acrylic kitchens last. They’ll hold up against time and toddlers better than most other materials.

Acrylics kitchens are recyclable

You will likely live happily with your acrylic kitchen for the rest of your life. But eventually, your home will break down, and everything in it will have to be dealt with, even if it’s a hundred years from now. We need to make decisions in the long term when it comes to conservation, so an acrylic kitchen that can all be recycled is a great way to lessen your long term effect on the environment.