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When choosing a new hob for their kitchen, people tend to stick to the same old traditional gas hob. However, increasingly popular in modern kitchens is the induction hob. They work by creating electromagnetic energy which produces heat directly between the cooking top and the base of the iron-based pan. Many consumers are now discovering the benefits of an induction hob.

The way induction hobs work make them not only more energy efficient but much safer too. The current of electromagnetic energy transferred into heat only works directly between the hob and the pan without heating the rest of the cooking surface. Many other hobs heat the whole surface which wastes energy and can make it easy to burn yourself. The energy efficiency of induction hobs means they use much less energy than other hobs and are therefore more environmentally friendly so have quickly become the hob of choice for the eco-conscious.

Not only is heating directly under pan a lot more energy efficient but means the rest of the hob is safe to touch making them a lot safer. One useful safety feature is that when you remove the pan the power will automatically switch off meaning there is no danger of leaving it on and someone potentially burning themselves. There are also none of the emissions that traditional gas hobs can produce.

Another great benefit of an induction hob having direct heat is the fact they cook things much quicker. This is because all the heat is concentrated directly under the pan cooking and heating food much faster. Depending on the model an induction hob can cook food in half the time of its gas alternative; a real bonus for those of us with hectic lifestyles. Most induction hobs also feature the ingenious power boost button that allows you to boil water in just 90 seconds!

The benefits of an induction hob include practicality as well as design. Style wise the sleek, black glass surface of an induction hob makes it the perfect fit for any modern kitchen. In fact, with many modern design lovers now favouring an entire black glass kitchen, what could be more in keeping? Practically speaking, induction hobs are also easy to maintain. The smooth surface is easy to wipe down and can be done quickly as there is no need to wait for the surface to cool down. Plus, as the rest of the surface doesn’t get hot there is no way for spills to get burnt on.

They have not always been easy to come by but now all the major players in the appliance industry now offer good quality induction hobs including Whirlpool, Bosch and Neff. They can cost a bit more and you need to buy the right pans but the multitude of benefits they offer make any initial outlay worthwhile, and most of our German kitchen designs now include them. So, if you are looking for energy efficiency, fast cooking times and practicality all wrapped up in a sleek, modern design an induction hob could be the right choice for you.