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Blue is a versatile colour. Depending on the shade it goes with everything, and it’s a colour that just about everyone agrees is pleasant. It’s soothing, and has all sorts of positive associations, like a bright blue sky, or the deep blue of the ocean. Loyalty, motherhood, and intelligence are all associated with the colour blue.

That being the case, blue kitchen design has become quite a significant thing in recent years. Traditionally, blues were found in living rooms and bathrooms, but recently they’ve made the switch to a kitchen colour. If you’re looking to incorporate a little more blue into your kitchen, here are some ways to get started.

Blue Kitchen Design Pairing

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen but time and budget insist you do it a bit at a time, blue is your friend, because it really can be matched with anything. Take a green themed kitchen, and throw a set of blue canisters along the counter like the Tapas canisters at JC Penny. They will fit right in and liven up the entire room.

Once you’ve got your splash of blue, it’s easy to start putting in the larger pieces like a blue breakfast bar. The cabinets, table or chairs will bring out the small accessories, and you can build from there.

The psychology of blue

Blue is a very tranquil colour. Who couldn’t use more tranquillity in the mornings? Studies show that blue kitchen design improves moods, and increases productivity. So if your kitchen doubles as a homework station, or a work from home office as so many do these days, blue is a great choice for a colour scheme.  It might even make you happy to see your kitchen in the morning.

Matching blues with blues

Keep in mind that while blue goes great with green, yellow, red and orange, it can sometimes be hard to match with other shades of blue. Just think about trying to match two denim pieces in the same outfit.  This can be hard to gauge at the store if you aren’t buying all of your pieces at the same time, so try to find a paint sample card that’s the same shade of blue.  That way you can hold it up to different products while shopping to see if they complement each other.

A blue for every style

What style do you want for your kitchen? How about a Victorian style that makes you think of tea and scones served on lacy china dishware? A powder blue standing cabinet would fit perfectly. Do you want a more rustic, country style kitchen?  Blue works perfectly with this, on everything from gingham hand towels to a blue pitcher full of sunflowers on the table.

If you know you love to re imagine your home often, blue should be your go to colour. The versatility of the hue simply cannot be compared.