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With so many choices when it comes to choosing your kitchen worktop, it all comes down to a happy medium between the look you are going for, and how you want your kitchen to work for you. Here we take a look at a few of the most popular options.

Granite Worktops

A favourite choice for many, worktops made from granite are extremely hard and resistant to water and, due to its impervious nature, does not allow germs to accumulate. It can be expensive, but the durability it offers more then justifies the initial outlay. Other natural stones that can be used for kitchen worktops include marble, limestone, and slate, but you have to be careful with these as they can mark and scratch quite easily. One thing to remember with granite and stone kitchen worktops is that they are very heavy and may need extra support, so take care when carrying them.


Wooden worktops are a good idea for anyone with precious glass or china, as if you drop a piece on granite it WILL smash; on wood, there’s a chance it might come out unscathed. There are many hardwoods available for kitchen worktops, with beech being one of the most popular. A good tip to prevent stains and marks is to oil the surface before use.


If your budget does not stretch to wood or stone, choosing laminate kitchen worktops can be the perfect solution. Laminate is relatively simple to fit, is really easy to keep clean, and it comes in many different colours and patterns, making it flexible from a decorative standpoint; you can even get laminate to look like marble or stone. For practicality and price, laminate kitchen worktops are hard to beat.


Ceramic tiles can look attractive, but are not the most practical surface for kitchen worktops. The uneven surface makes them harder to clean, and if they break it can be hard to find a matching replacement. Having to replace just one tile may mean re-grouting the entire surface, making tiles more trouble than they are worth.

Contemporary Materials

The previous materials mentioned have been somewhat traditional, but if you are looking for something more contemporary, you could opt for quartz, glass, or even stainless steel kitchen worktops. Both of these materials are great for hygiene as they are easy to clean. Whilst both look stylish, they are probably not ideal for families with small children, as they are not only quite expensive but show the smallest mark or smear.

Choosing Your Kitchen Worktop

There are many things to consider when choosing your kitchen worktop, so remember to take into account practicality, the type of home (bachelor pad, family home), budget, and design. The best advice I can give is for anyone wanting a kitchen to stand the test of time opt for granite or wood, and for those who like to regularly change the style and design of their kitchen go for laminate kitchen worktops.