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We’ve talked before about Convection Ovens, and how they’re an incredibly reliable alternative to your standard oven design (and a pretty handy companion to have in your ultra modern, cutting edge kitchen). One thing we didn’t cover, however, is that Ovens are not the only appliance to have the convection method of cooking applied to them; there also exist Convection Microwaves.

Now, you’re probably thinking two things; Why, and How? Well, the answers to both are surprisingly simple. First and foremost, the Why; the cooking time for anything you put in it will be exceptionally quick. Faster then your bog standard microwave, even. By employing the use of a high velocity, forced air fair to circulate the hot air around the inner compartment more uniformly, the effectiveness of the microwaves the unit pumps out is practically tripled. Some standard convection microwave units will have a difficult time browning things, and as a general rule cakes or baked goods that have an open grain structure (Brownies, for example) cannot be baked using one; however, convection microwaves that contain electric browning elements do exist out there.

As you might have expected of something that reduces the cooking time that significantly, convection microwaves were initially created as high-end kitchen appliances typically found only in restaurants or cafeteria’s. As a result, they were incredibly expensive and private ownership of one was extremely uncommon. Over time, however, prices for convection microwave units have dropped significantly, and nowadays a unit is as affordable as a conventional oven. It’s worth baring in mind, however, that most convection microwaves are bigger then standard microwave units, so more space will be required if you intend to install one.

One of our trusted appliance suppliers, Wolf, currently produce and offer convection microwaves. If you’d like to know whether you can include one as a part of one of our kitchen packages, you can ask us directly here.