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Please note Silke Kitchens no longer supply Copper Splashbacks.

Let’s talk copper splashbacks in the kitchen! Splashbacks, a fundamental element of any respectable kitchen, are a fantastic and optimal way to help keep your kitchen clean AND trendy! No longer do they simply protect from splatters and spill, they also provide a sophisticated focal point in today’s kitchens.

Splashbacks are available in a wide variety of eye-catching materials, such as glass, wood, metal or stone. If you are looking to make your kitchen truly stand out, try one of the most attractive and fastidious options readily available on the market today- copper.

The Benefits of Copper Splashbacks

Not only is copper quite pleasing to the eye, but it has also been scientifically proven to kill bacteria! Recent studies show that copper is an effective antimicrobial substance. Consequently, any bacteria exposed to dry copper surfaces are rapidly destroyed upon contact. Copper splashbacks are the perfect way for easily ridding your kitchen of all of the bacteria and pathogens that pass through every day.

While helping to keep your kitchen sanitary, copper splashbacks also offer a rich enhancement to any kitchen. Paired alongside a traditional timber kitchen, copper makes a stunning statement. Use it in a minimalist themed kitchen for a sophisticated, yet classic look. Combine it with exciting patterns for a bold statement.

For the Bathroom?

But why stop with just the kitchen? Copper splashbacks are the perfect addition to a sumptuous spa themed bathroom, or even an easy-to-maintain family bathroom. With it’s natural anti-bacterial properties and it’s timeless metallic flair, it’s the perfect way to take any bathroom from plain to spectacular.

Why not try making your splashback yourself, out of pennies? This neat mosaic look is an easy do-it-yourself project that puts all that spare change to good use! Not to mention it also adds some much needed texture to any room. Best of all, you decide the image it creates, so start getting creative! Copper tiles come in a variety of shapes and will also work well to fulfil your creative dreams.

Professional Options

If you are not much of a do-it-yourself chap, why not hire some professionals to install your splashback for you? Try a pressed, patterned copper splashback; the intricate details are the perfect touch to add plenty of elegance to the room of your choosing. Also, try a hammered sheet of copper. It has much of the same effect, but is significantly more modern and minimalist. Take it even further and add a sleek, plain sheet of copper, lining the entire counter! Combine it with plenty of hidden storage, white cupboards, indirect lighting and nothing is classier!

However you install it, copper spashbacks are the unparalleled way to make any kitchen your dream kitchen. It’s sanitary, easy to clean, pleasing to look at and adds that extra little pizzazz to your room. It’s trendy and timeless, enhancing almost any present theme. Use it to detail the room, or make your splashback the focal point and design the rest of the room around it. No matter how you use it, you can’t go wrong with copper splashbacks.