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As always, we here at Silke are incredibly proud of our dedication to high quality, German style kitchens, one that would be a lot harder to maintain if we didn’t work with the best of the best, and we like to shine to the spotlight on our various providers every now and then to help you feel secure in the true quality of a Silke kitchen. Today, we turn a glance at DuPont’s own solid surface material, Corian.

The material had its initial debut in 1967, curiosity of DuPont chemist Donald Slocum, and its inception actually helped give rise to the entire Solid Surface category. While many of the current contemporaries make use of Quartz in some manner, Corian is mainly comprised of Alumina Trihydrate, a material derived from Bauxite ore, in its composition. Although it is susceptible to scratches and heat damage, this does mean its a lot easier to repair the damage; scratches especially, as depending on the extent of the damage, all it could take to repair is a quick buff with either a Scotch-Brite pad, or an orbital sander. It is, however, nonporous and stain resistant, and thanks to colour-matched acrylic epoxy, seams and joints can be easily hidden away, essentially making the material seemless.

The potential aesthetic prowess the seemless appearance rewards the surface wasn’t lost on DuPont, and today, Corian is available in a variety of different ranges, and well over a hundred different colours; the amount of freedom and flexibility this offers the buyer is phenomenal, as it means there is bound to be a colour or style that will fit with your kitchen, whatever style you go for, from the random pattern, nature inspired Private Collection line, to the Corian Illumination series, which is semi-translucent, allowing for potential backlight fixtures to compliment the sleek design. The company also offers an integrated Corian sink into their countertops, that can be applied to either kitchen or bathroom setups as desired.

Corian is just a couple of years shy of it’s 50th anniversary, and any product that lasts that long comes with a guarantee of quality, and an assured level of professionalism. We here at Silke couldn’t possibly recommend DuPont’s miracle mixture any more then we already do, and your German style kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a Corian surface or two.