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Colour theory is a favourite topic of ours at Silke, entirely because of the flexibility and subjectivity of it. Colours, specifically how they are used, both individually and in tandem, makes for a fascinating topic of discussion within a design context, and it’s definitely something that people with a design project in mind need to take into consideration. Thankfully, we pride ourselves on being as helpful as we can in as many was as possible, however niche the topic, so today we’d like to return to the topic by focusing on one specific colour; Cream.

Cream’s a bit of an interesting colour for several reasons; firstly, despite it’s closeness to white, it evokes a totally different feeling for most folk. White, by virtue of being a neutral shade more then a definite tone, has a very sterile, clean, and efficient sort of ambience in most contexts. This is particularly notable when it’s paired off with other neutral shades like Black and Grey, which it often is in modern kitchen design. Cream, conversely, has a slightly warmer, more homely feel; though still relatively neutral, it has a level of tonality to it that’s in the brighter regions, meaning it picks up and reflects light very easily. The tone itself is very warm and inviting, which only adds to the homely effect it imparts on a people when heavily used in room design. It’s likely why it’s found in very sterile environments fairly often- Doctor’s offices, hospital waiting rooms, office blocks etc.

Despite having a hint of tonality, it nonetheless remains a very flexible colour to use in design settings. Most colours and shades will work with it fairly well, whether it’s the dominant colour or not, without diminishing it’s homely effect. This also makes it a very flexible shade when it comes to aesthetics; though it’s typically associated with kitchens that utilise older or more retro forms of design, cream can work with more or less any design ethic you can think of. In fact, if we can drop impartiality for a second, we think it makes a quite daring companion to modern kitchen design, in lieu of White or lighter shades of Grey. It compliments and contrasts Black and Metallic surfaces perfectly, whilst allowing for a more welcoming and inviting atmosphere overall. If you’re looking for an ultra modern, cutting edge kitchen with a somewhat friendlier touch, then Cream is a colour you definitely ought to consider.

As always, we are happy to give further consultation regarding Colour and design choices before you commit to anything, so if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us directly. We offer a wide range of colours provided by only the best paint specialists in the country, so no matter what your taste, you know you’re getting the best!