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Stepping in to a showroom is exciting and awe-inspiring, so first and foremost, you’d better be prepared to feel the ‘Wow’ factor!  There are many benefits to re-designing your dream kitchen using the services that a kitchen showroom can provide, as you not only get to see their displays- showing off a wide variety of cabinets, hardware, lighting, and trim options- but you may also test out the newest innovations and get a feel for different styles.

Dream Kitchen Options

It can be difficult to picture the kitchen of your dreams in the space that you have, and that is why many kitchen showrooms in London offer a plethora of valuable services. For most, the kitchen is the heart of the home and needs to function at many different levels, becoming more than just the place for family and friends to gather and eat. From the initial consultation to the final additions, most kitchen showrooms offer designers, fitters, free installation quotes, surveys, 3D drawings, and support throughout the entire process.

Most showrooms in London offer a no obligation design service. Some may come to your home, others ask that you go to their showroom and meet with a designer. After your initial conversation, going over styles, colours, needs, expectations, etc., you will walk out with a 3D version and a quote for your new kitchen. This service alone, usually free, is priceless; it can be difficult to picture your old, cluttered kitchen looking like one of the new, gleaming kitchens in a showroom, but the designers there will be able to show you all the possibilities. Some will even use computer aided design software to draw up a few versions of your potential kitchen, to give you a well rounded look at your options. Of course, there may be new, innovative accessories that you have not thought of, or even heard of yet, and those designers are there to show you what is available, from slide-drawers and racks to lazy Susan’s, appliance garages, bread drawers, wine racks, tilt-out drawers, and all the latest colours and lighting; the services a designer can provide are endless.

Site Survey

Once you have decided on a design, most kitchen showrooms in London will then come to your house to measure, finalise plans, and some offer a pre-installation survey. This means that the kitchen fitter will resolve any issues that might come up, from plumbing to building regulations, ensuring that the entire process goes smoothly. From there, it is time to order, and many larger showrooms offer financing plans. Some offer the use of their own trusted builders, while most others give you the option of hiring an outside installer. Another great benefit of going to a kitchen showroom is that once completed, their work is backed by a guarantee that gives you peace of mind.

From beginning to end, kitchen showrooms in London offer great customer service, and when a kitchen remodel or a brand new kitchen is your goal, having professional help along the way can make all the difference. Knowledgeable designers, fitters, and installers can bring your ideas to life and ensure that your experience is stress-free.