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When thinking of German design, the first image that comes to most people’s minds is a car, known world wide for their precision, elegance, and technological advancement. They don’t just apply these principles to their cars; German kitchen designs have that same air of function first, with a subtle grace in the form. Fitting, as the kitchen is the room of the house where function is needed the most. If you’re interested in creating German kitchen designs in your home, here are some ways to get started.

German Kitchen Designs

This site is a great place to start if you’re new to German kitchen designs. It’s got some great products, to start with- one great piece is the cabinet with swinging shelves, so that you can store right to the very back and still have easy access to everything, making it so much easier to keep clean, because you don’t have to reach the whole way back to wipe the shelf down. It’s also a great site for finding some inspiration; for instance, placing a towel rack near the stove to hold pot lids. They’re in easy reach, and that’s really the only place you ever need a pot lid. Plus, they can be popped right into the rack out of the dishwasher to air dry.

Another great thing about this company is its dedication to environmental conservation. The wood for their cabinets comes from a company called Nobilia, which goes through all sorts of voluntary audits to make sure they’re reforesting, as well as making a product that has the lowest impact on the environment.


When looking at German kitchen designs, one notices that the predominant colour is white. Either the walls and ceiling are entirely white, or everything in the room is white, with a dark colour paint on the walls, creating a very striking and bold aesthetic- all dark maroon worktops, cabinets, stove and refrigerator, framed on all sides by a bright, sparking white, for example. Like everything else with German design, though, there’s a reason behind the white that goes beyond look; white reflects natural light better than any other colour, meaning your kitchen is going to stay reasonably bright even in low-light conditions.

If you’re ready to get started

The big challenge with German kitchen design in America is finding a place to shop.  We’ve discussed one good site to start with, but here’s another good one is Bosch; the site is really simple to navigate, the prices are clear and understandable, but best of all, if you’re looking at a complete kitchen, you can clearly see the final price, so there’s no sneaky hidden fees catching you off guard down the line.

Ironically, the New York style kitchen is very eye catching, focusing on a smokey grey mixed with chrome pattern, giving the impression of modern living and a cosy atmosphere. And, with the acrylic and chrome, it’s smudge resistant, which is great if there are any little ones in your home.

In short, if you need a kitchen that’s suited for holding dinner parties, and getting the kids a hot meal before school, consider German kitchen design.