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Not only have German kitchens led the way in terms of interior design, they employ the use of many innovative and progressive German kitchen gadgets, important to have in any kitchen. Ergonomically efficient, glossy, sleek, innovative, and contemporary are just some of the words that could be used to describe the German kitchen design.

Cool, neutral colours such as shades of grey, black, white, and ice blue are typical in a German kitchen, finished with a high gloss floor or cabinetry. Other designers go for the matte finish route, offering a less contemporary style, reminiscent of a country kitchen. So, get rid of the clutter and ornate, complicated décor and instead, fill your German-inspired kitchen with their innovative essentials.

German Kitchen Gadgets Uber Alles

First and foremost, most German kitchens include great gadgets, such as electric tea kettles, breakfast boards, toasters with warming racks, and a great set of knives. The electric teakettle may seem old-fashioned and archaic, however, the new, trendy German design will have you thinking otherwise. These gadgets have been revamped to include many great features, and, contrary to popular belief, are faster and more efficient than the old kettle-on-the-back-burner method. When comparing models, look for features like automatic shut-off; not only will this save electricity, it’s also an essential safety feature.

It pays to look out for the models that pop off the base as well, so that you can easily pour your hot water and leave the cord behind. Some offer filtration systems, which may or may not be a necessity depending on where your water source originates. The second traditional, yet somehow innovative staple of a German kitchen is the breakfast board, called an Früstücksbrett. This is a small cutting board, used in place of plates to serve breakfast, snacks, bread, cheese and meat or fruit, and are easy to clean, smooth flat surfaces that are just the right shape for breads and snacks, for added practicality. Not only is this functional, it adds a bit of style and flavour to your breakfast table setting. Another brilliant kitchen essential is the toaster with a warming rack on the top. Oftentimes, we just want to warm up a roll, or melt butter on a piece of toast. With this great innovation, now there is no need to turn on the oven in order to enjoy a warm croissant!

In terms of eco-friendly ideas, German kitchen gadgets include cloth napkins, complete with engraved napkin rings. Not only does this reduce the waste of paper napkins, it lends itself to a more elegant feeling at every mealtime. The engraved napkin rings serve to identify which napkin belongs to which family member, staving off the spread of germs. Typically, German-made and pots and pans are the industry-leaders, offering quality and style, and are preferred by many top chefs. Many types offer flat bottoms, delivering even cooking and designed to work on gas hobs, electric, or glass cook tops, and many companies boast designs with ergonomic handles in mind, and non-stick surfaces that are superior to most, making them the preferred choice of many.