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As design becomes a more centralised facet of our kitchens, we often begin to see certain elements of trends from the past repurposed or reinvigorated somewhat in the modern kitchen setting. One of the most notable instances of this occurrence is in splashbacks.

As the name indicates, the primary function of the splashback was to protect the walls from water damage, either by way of overflowing sinks or pot spillages. Today, however, splashbacks are more and more commonly fusing functionality and practicality with style and grace. Many kitchen designer insiders have noted that the splashback (or lack of one) is one of the first things noted by patrons upon entering a kitchen, above even the worktops or appliances!

One upshot to living in the modern age is that you’re not too restricted with your choice of splashback, when it comes to style or material. A number of companies produce splashbacks in all manner of materials, including a variety of metals, marble, even glass in some instances (as we’ve covered before). Any of these materials will work in a modern kitchen, as though they bring their own little atmospheric touches, they’re all incredibly flexible in their own right.

Materials of Splashbacks

One combination that’s proving popular is a metallic splashback paired with a marbled worktop surface, for example. Glass based splashbacks in bold tones are also hugely popular, as they inject a little bit of colour into the kitchen setting without wholly overpowering it. A number of splashback providers also include variants with intricate patterns, 3D printed sculpts with backlighting, and in some instances even the use of real gold or silver. When it comes to pattering, tone, or combination, the world is very much your oyster!

We offer a wide range of glass splashbacks, provided to us by our trusted partner Deco Glaze. We have some examples of their work currently on display in our showroom- specifically, the Stack variant of their esteemed DecoKiln range. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us directly.