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Worktops are funny old things, aren’t they? Perhaps more then any other element of your kitchen design, the worktops will need to encapsulate the core ideas of “form” and “function” in equal measure. After all, they’re not just there to look good; they also need to be able to withstand the typical kitchen hardships. Water damage, heat damage, staining, scratching et al. As a result, worktops come in a wide variety of hardy materials, each one catering to specific design philosophies and coming with their own benefits over each other. Today, we’d like to highlight one kind of worktop specifically; Laminate Worktops.

Firstly, this isn’t quite the same Laminate you’ll remember from your school days. The term Laminate itself actually refers to a specific process when creating materials. Specifically, it’s a process whereby given materials are manufactured or treated in multiple layers. The end result is a composite material that has improved strength and stability over a non-laminate material. In terms of worktops and most building application, the term typically refers to Plastic Laminate. There is some crossover however with the form of Lamination you may be familiar with, as it is not uncommon for a hardy plastic later- the laminate- to be applied to or even in between layers of wood, glass, or another form of compound- the laminated object.

Perhaps the greatest benefit that Laminate Worktops have going for them, in addition to their versatility, is that they can be designed or treated to capture the look and aesthetic of other materials. Essentially, you can have Laminate Worktops that evoke Granite, Marble, Wood, and even designs and patterns unique to the material. Another is that whilst luxury worktops are available, there exist a number of Laminate Worktops within the budget market that are more affordable, but without sacrificing the hardiness that makes them appealing in the first place.

If you’re either working with a budget, or looking for worktops that stand out and stand firm, then perhaps it’s worth looking into Laminate Worktops.