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We here at Silke know all to well that sometimes, though you may want to, you just don’t have the time or the energy to go all out in your kitchen; no matter how beautiful the worktops are! We often think this resigns us to an eternity of ready-made meals and the occasional takeaway, but the truth is that there are a number of appliances out there that exist to make the task of cooking even easier. One of the most useful is probably the Multi-cooker.

Put simply, the Multi-cooker is a device that is capable of cooking food in almost any way you can cook food. Roasting, Boiling, Grilling, Baking, Stewing, Steaming, even simply Browning food off is possible all with just one single device. Even better, almost all Multi-cookers, regardless of brand or model, are designed in such a way that they’re incredibly easy to use; often it’s as simple as loading the ingredients into the cooking area, placing the lid, and selecting the corresponding program for the type of cooking you want. Most modern Multi-cookers are so advanced and all encompassing that only incredibly specific and intricate types of cooking; the likes of flame grilling or sautéing will not be supported.

The device may seem like a wholly modern thing, but the concept has existed since at least the early 1920s, when early and very basic Multi-cookers were sold in the United Kingdom as a means of saving on gas (and thus, on the gas bill). During the 50s in Japan, the concept grew out of then-current Rice Cookers adding more and more functions to cook differing kinds of grains and soups, leading to something of a Multi-cooker boom at a time when most western countries were still focused mostly on producing individual appliances for specific tasks.

Whilst we at Silke are always proponents of getting the absolute most out of your kitchen (and having fun doing so) we appreciate that sometimes you simply need to get a meal done as easily as possible. Having a Multi-cooker around for those times is something we recommend.