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When building a kitchen, you have two primary options for obtaining your kitchen essentials. The first option is to use rigid kitchen units and the alternative is to use flat pack kitchen units. While the end result can look the same, the quality and time it takes to finish a new kitchen are quite different. Firstly though, what are rigid kitchen units and what are flat pack units?

Rigid kitchen units are cupboard, worktops, shelves and cabinets that are pre-fabricated at the factory. This means that when they are shipped to you, all you have to do is install the completed cupboard or cabinet in the reserved location and hook up any water, electric or gas lines. On the other hand, flat pack kitchen units arrive un-assembled, which means you just receive a big package with all the parts. You are then left with the confusing and often frustrating task of putting it all together. Already it is apparent that there are a lot of benefits to purchasing rigid kitchen units over flat pack units. You may think that rigid kitchen units would cost more, but that is not the case. Often you can obtain rigid units for the same price that a flat pack would cost.

On closer inspection of the flat pack building process, you will find that you need a good amount of construction skill to assemble the kit. Everything has to be perfectly squared and fitted with precise measurements. If one step of the process is off, the rest of the kit will not be able to be constructed properly. When assembling your kit, you will notice that almost all of the fastening is done using the cam and dowel method, using metal cams and wooden dowels. This type of fastening wears down quickly over time, compared to the glue method that is used when manufacturing rigid kitchen units. Upon completion of the flat pack kitchen, some of these fasteners will still be noticeable on drawers and doors.

In contrast, a rigid unit is assembled by machines that are perfectly calibrated to square, measure and assemble your kitchen unit to the perfect requirements. All designs are directed by a computer to ensure complete accuracy. Every hole needed for shelving and fastening are drilled in the exact spots, and all drawers are installed to open and shut flawlessly. After your kitchen unit is finished, skilled labourers inspect by hand the unit to make sure every part works smoothly. They then insert any internal fittings or extra storage features. Once the kitchen unit is completely finished, there are no visible fittings to distract from your beautiful kitchen.

Some people argue that flat pack kitchens are better because you can customise them on the go while you’re installing. If you buy from a good kitchen company, you can find an incredible amount of options for rigid kitchen units, eliminating the need for customisation on the go. Rigid units come in all shapes and sizes, often built specifically for your measurements.

Choose a rigid kitchen unit for your kitchen if you want a long lasting, beautiful and durable option for your home!