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We here at Silke take great pride in working with the companies and providers that we do, and every now and then we see fit to shine a light on one of them, to let you know exactly the kind of quality and dedication you get when you buy a Silke kitchen. Today, we’re taking a look at Cosentino, specifically their Dekton branding featuring Sinterized Particle Technology.

Dekton, as the site claims, is “a sophisticated blend of raw materials”, and makes use of what is called Sinterized Particle Technology, apparently an accelerated, high tech recreation of the natural metamorphic process rock undergoes when it’s subjected to high temperature and pressure over a long period of time. This process is used throughout the line to create top quality glass and porcelain products, but most important to us is it’s use in their line of top of the line, ultra thin, quartz blend worktops.

We’ve covered before that Quartz is considered the way of the future, and many companies now offer it as a choice of either chopping board or worktop, entirely because of how resistant a material it is. According to the official Dekton website, Dekton specifically is resistant to fire and heat, ice and thawing, scratching, staining, even high UV radiation, and a lot of that resistance comes down to just how compact and thin the surface is. This makes it extremely flexible as a choice of worktop, among both professionals and consumers. In fact, it’s such a hardy surface that it finds its use not only as a worktop, but even serving duty as an outer wall surface for buildings and floors; we here at Silke couldn’t possibly think of a better advert for a Quartz work surface material then that.

It isn’t all about the performance, however; Dekton worktops are incredibly sleek in appearance, carrying a very modern look that is every bit as anesthetically pleasing as it is functional, and it is available in a reasonably sized range of colours and patterns that will fit well with any design ethic. They’re split up into three groups; the Solid Collection, Natural Collection, and the Tech Collection.

The Solid Collection styles, such as Zenith and Anake, are very bold and striking in their simplicity, going for simple flat shades, whereas products in the Natural Collection, such as the Kairos or Aura designs, tend to evoke natural formations and patterns for a more ethereal, raw feeling. The few Tech styles, like the Keranium or Kadum, tend to strike a balance between the two.

With a versatile range of designs and a lifelong guarantee, Dekton’s Sinterized Particle Technology surfaces are a wise investment for anyone looking for a high tech, German style kitchen that could rival, or indeed top, that of your favourite celebrity chef.