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Designing small fitted kitchens is certainly requires extra thought, commitment, and planning than a regular sized kitchen. It is however completely worth it to have a comfortable and functional kitchen. Below are some tips to help prepare a layout for a small fitted kitchen…

Make a list before you start of the essential features you want in your kitchen. Keeping your kitchen to just the essentials is the easiest way to reduce extra clutter. There are, of course a few things you absolutely need.

A stove top or microwave is essential for heating and cooking food. You can kill two birds with one stone and save space by installing an induction hob on an island or bar. You can also think about buying a rolling island or fitted unit that can incorporate a small refrigerator, a microwave and a stove-top.

Splish Splash

Those dishes aren’t going to wash themselves! Of course you’ll need at least a sink, if not a dishwasher. To save on space, choose to ditch the dishwasher and just wash dishes by hand. A sink has more multi-purpose functionality than a dishwasher. If you choose a sink over a dishwasher, make sure to give yourself an extra deep sink and some extra counter space for drying dishes. On the other hand, if you decide that you’d rather not wash dishes every day, go ahead and get your kitchen fitted for a dishwasher. Installing a dishwasher means you want to cut your sink back to a single, small basin for rinsing, hand washing and food prep.

When it comes to refrigeration for your food, remember that a large refrigerator can eat up space in most small fitted kitchens very quickly. Rather than install a large refrigerator, try to find small rolling refrigerators that can be fitted under a counter for storage. This method gives you the extra advantage of being able to pull out the mini fridge to use as extra counter space.


The biggest factor to take into consideration when fitting a small kitchen however, is storage. A huge component of small, fitted kitchens, all extra spaces that is not occupied by appliances should be converted into storage. Think about adding recessed shelving and hanging shelving. Drawer organisers will also go a long way towards increased efficiency.Make sure your storage is well organised and positioned appropriately to where you will need it for quick accessibility. Look for fitted counter and cupboard designs that minimise handles, or eliminate them completely. This will result in a clean, streamlined look and make a small kitchen look larger. Get your kitchen fitted with cabinets that use the maximum amount of wall space.

On the other hand, remember to include plenty of counter space. Poorly designed storage systems that steal counter space will only make your kitchen appear more cramped.

Finally, remember to include plenty of lighting options in your kitchen design. You specifically want lighting that illuminates your cooking and cleaning areas.

Remember that with small fitted kitchens your main goal is efficiency and that your appliance selection is all about the basics. Choose furnishings with clean lines and as few handles or visual clutter as possible and remember to optimise your layout, and you’ll be on your way to a wonderful kitchen.