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It’s a simple fact of life; not all of us have a surplus of space in the home. In fact, as a general rule, most of us will have to be very wise with how we use the space in our home. This goes double for our kitchens; statistically speaking, it’s likely to be the room with the most appliances in it out of any in your home. It will also require a decent amount of space to work with and walk through. Thankfully, we have a few small kitchen ideas to help you when designing your compact kitchen.

Firstly, it’s worth baring in mind that a number of appliance suppliers offer compact models within their product range. Already that’s a massive plus, as appliance size can be one of the biggest space eaters in a kitchen environment. And hey, what’s a compact kitchen without compact appliances? Recently a lot suppliers have started to offer products specifically designed for compact kitchens, or homesteads with fewer occupants (who are more than likely to have the most cramped kitchen conditions). And example of this would be the Mini Kitchen appliance, more commonly known as a Bachelor Griller.

Secondly, arrangement of worktops and appliances is key to the design process. You want to make sure there’s plenty of room for people to not only move through the kitchen with ease, but also make use of the facilities easily. There’s no one size fits all way to go about this, as every client will have different wants and needs, and every kitchen is fundamentally different. Therefore, you will want to consult heavily with installation/design experts during this process. As a rule of thumb, however, we suggest keeping major appliances away from entryways, so as not to disrupt foot traffic.

Small Kitchen Ideas for You

Finally, you need to consider what you’re most likely to use your kitchen for. Much like the prior example, different people will require different things from their kitchen, from cooking to cleaning. This means being considerate of what appliances you’re more likely to need, or how much cupboard space you require. Again, there isn’t a one-size fits all solution; it’s a question each individual will need to consider.

As far as the decorating of your kitchen goes, the rules are a little less rigid. Although obviously you may need to forgo potted plants or extravagant fixtures, having a compact kitchen won’t restrict the style of cupboard you can purchase. Likewise, it won’t restrict the aesthetic style of the appliances you intend to purchases, or the colour you choose to paint the walls. Once more, it is entirely down to the individual, and simply requires careful planning and forethought.

The prospect of a smaller kitchen may be a downer, but as this article full of small kitchen ideas should hopefully prove that it doesn’t need to be!