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Also sometimes referred to as simply Stotty, this is a bread variant that originated in and remains popular throughout the North East of England. The chief difference between Stottie Cake and most other forms of Bread are it’s heavy mouth feel and texture; though the bread is in fact Leavened, the texture is very reminiscent of dough. Somewhat atypical is the fact that a lot of Stottie Cake is actually kneaded to fit specific measurements- typically around 12 inches (or 30 centimetres) in diameter, and 4 inches in depth.

The Stottie is most associated with breakfast, typically being filled with or served alongside Eggs and Bacon, although occasionally it is also paired up with Ham or Pease Pudding.

Further deepening it’s heritage to the northernmost parts of the country, the name Stottie Cake is said to be a rough adaptation of the Geordie slang term “stott”, which means “to bounce”; the logic being that if a Stottie Cake were to be dropped, it would (in theory) bounce due to its texture.

Stotties can be found outside Britain, but in other regions it is more commonly known as Oven Bottom Bread.

Famous fans of the Stottie include world famous boxer Muhammed Ali, as seen here enjoying an onion, lettuce, cucumber and tomato stuffed monster of a sandwich in 1977.