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When you’re remodelling your kitchen, versatility should be something kept strongly in mind. While you might want to redo the interior design from time to time, you’re not likely going to be able or willing to switch out major pieces like your cabinets every time you want a new look. That’s why two-tone kitchen cabinets are a better investment.

The two tone kitchen cabinet look is lovely in it’s own right. It adds a depth to your kitchen that a monotone cabinet can’t match. And it works no matter what style you have, or want to transition into.

Pairing the Bottom and Top Cabinets

This is a style that can really be used to your advantage. Say for instance, your looking to put in a country style rustic kitchen. A navy blue bottom cabinet would work well with a cream or ivory coloured top set. This colour scheme transitions nicely from rustic to Victorian, or even modern depending on your accessories.

If you’re going to use this set up, be sure to use the lighter colour on the top cabinets. This give an extra boost to natural light, which is highly desirable in a kitchen. Though, of course there are always exceptions to the rule. Tineke Triggs had a lovely design on Houzz with a dark wood top cabinet and a white bottom set. This works very well in this room, because there were more lower cabinets than higher. In this case, it makes far more sense to use the brighter colour on the majority of the cabinets.

Dark and Light

Of course, the traditional option for two tone kitchen cabinets is the simple dark and light stains on wooden doors. Not our usual style, but this can be done with the darker colour in the centre and the light along the border, or vise versa. This leaves you open to mix and match wood colours through the rest of the kitchen. The flooring can match the border, while the table top matches the centre.

The best way to get the traditional two-tone kitchen cabinets look is to stain cabinets. You can use whatever you like on a set of unstained cabinets and get the exact look you want.

Again, this gives you so much versatility. A dark stain looks great on a modern kitchen, but doesn’t do as well in a country setting. A lighter colour would compliment the country, but not so much the modern. Mix the two, and you can switch out your accessories for a whole new look.


You don’t need to stick with traditional thoughts on this, of course. Two tone kitchen cabinets can be in any colour you want with a bucket of paint, a sealant, and some unfinished cabinets. How about a cream with a wine coloured border? That would work for a city style kitchen, or a conservative Victorian look. Use your imagination, and you’ll find something you’ll love for years to come.