Since his humble beginnings in the sanitation industry in 1901 Hans Grohe chose to do everything with excellence; with a history in clothing and a love for water, he bravely plowed forward in the direction of what he loved. The result is incredible taps, fixtures, and other kitchen and bath accessories which work with your surroundings and décor in the most harmonious of ways. Exquisite quality, functionality, and beauty join together to bring us what are Hansgrohe fine taps.

By marrying ingenuity with innovation Hansgrohe has continued to grow into what we see and experience today: a company which produces useful art. When you purchase your fixtures from Hansgrohe you are investing in a piece of beautiful history.

Showers by Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe offers some of the most convenient and luxurious showers available to you today. Everything from gorgeous hand-held units which provide an amazing flow of water to complete shower sets, pipes, controls, and accessories are available to you, and they are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes to perfectly suit your décor.

Bathroom Taps

Available in three different styles, including Modern, Avantgarde, and Classic, you will find the perfect tap for your renovation project. You will love the available finishes, and the smooth function of any bathroom tap product or accessory will make you feel like a million!

The Kitchen

Nothing has changed in this department; here you have the very finest taps and accessories for the kitchen than you will find anywhere. With a focus on the environment and being energy efficient Hansgrohe has the perfect tap set or accessory for your conservative lifestyle. Their products promote sanitation, and they use easy-to-clean and maintain stainless steel, which is both functional and attractive. There are a number of styles and finishes to choose from, and accessories range from thermostats to pipe systems to fixtures. Whatever you need for your kitchen in terms of your waterworks, Hansgrohe has the perfect solution for you.

We’ll Show You The Way

Because of their dedication to producing only the finest, most innovative kitchen and bath accessories made, Hansgrohe also places a high priority on top-notch customer care in all aspects of the company/customer relationship. Any assistance you need in locating the perfect product for you will be readily available and if you have any questions or issues their trained customer care staff will take care of your needs efficiently and thoroughly. With Hansgrohe you get only the very best all the way around.

With an extensive history of excellence and dedication Hansgrohe has consistently used technology and ingenuity to create beautiful innovative products for the kitchen and bath. You will find what you need to not only have you home in “peak-performance” condition, your home will look like a masterpiece, just like the quality products from Hansgrohe.