Once upon a time, dishwashers were something of a luxury; only a few people had them, and those that did often had a fair bit of money to throw around. Although it wasn’t all that long ago, it certainly feels like it was; in this day and age, most households have a dishwasher, and the tedious act of washing up is restricted to a few dishes or trays. The full range of Neff dishwashers are fully equipped to take on the demands of the day, both streamlining the cleaning process significantly and helping users to save as much water and energy as possible.

Much like their other product ranges, Neff dishwashers stand out particularly due to their functionality. A number of pre-configured settings- and cutting edge technological innovations- make their dishwashers some of the most highly desires ones on the market. For example, in addition to providing both 45˚c and 70˚c wash cycles for both delicate and more intensive washes, they also include an innovative feature in the series 4 and series 5 machines called Neff Sparkle.

Incorporating their low-pressure spray AquaVairo technology, Neff Sparkle is a pre-configured program designed specifically for mixed-loaded washes, with glasses and sensitive materials in mind specifically, treating them with extra care and consideration. This avoid both damage being done to glass and delicate materials during the wash cycle, and prevents the streaks and stains left on them by most hot-air drying dishwasher systems. In addition, Neff offers a wide range of semi-integrated dishwashers, mixing their incredible functionality with sleek aesthetic appeal that will work in any kitchen environment.

We would also like to expand on the “saving energy and water” point we briefly covered above; one of Neff’s commitments with their dishwashers specifically is their ability to save on both to a significant degree. In fact, they proudly state on their site that according to the EU-standard Energy Efficiency rating (that is displayed clearly via a standardised sticker on every machine), all of their dishwashers are A rated for washing and drying, and are rated A+ or even A++ for energy performance.

If you’re looking for dishwashers that will save you money, look great in the home and are easy to use, then Neff have your back!