Neff hobs are an often under appreciated part of cooking in the kitchen. By and large, most of what people will cook- either because they want it, or because it’s just most convenient- will be done in the central compartment of the oven itself. Fewer still have freestanding Hobs independent of their oven, at that. What people may not immediately realise, however, is that hobs open up a world of different cooking styles that simply can’t be done in conventional ovens. And Neff’s wide range of hobs are set to take advantage of this in a very big way.

First of all, there’s how expansive the range is; Neff offers Gas Hobs, Ceramic Hobs, Induction Hobs, and even Domino Hobs (a selection of different Hob styles to allow for even more flexible cooking). So already, Neff has you covered for pure variety alone, which for many companies would simply be enough. Not for Neff, however; in addition to providing almost every kind of hob style you could possibly want- and more obscure ones like Wok Burners and Teppa Yaki Hobs- their range of hobs also come with a number of highly innovative features, particularly for their range of Induction Hobs.

First, there’s the Point & Twist heat controller functionality. A means of reducing clutter and saving space on their hobs, the Point & Twist technology features a removable magnetic dial that, when applied to the centre of the control zone on the hob, can activate any of the zones by moving the dial towards it- that’s the ‘Point’- and turning it to indicate the level of heat you want- that’s the ‘Twist’.

Secondly, Neff hobs offer FlexInduction technology; the main draw of this is that instead of predetermined surface areas for specific pan sizes, the total cooking area- standing at 380mm x 200mm- is made up of two elongated Induction Zones. Beneath each of the Induction Zones are four Induction Coils that can either work independently of each other, or in tandem with each other. This means that you can heat any pan, of any size, that stands at any point within the Induction Zone.

If nothing else, you can be assured that Neff is looking to innovate every step of the way, no matter the appliance!