It’s probably hard for a few of you to believe, but a great number of homes still lack extractor fans in their kitchens. Perhaps it’s due to the perceived notion of their expense or difficulty of installation, but either way, we hope to alleviate those concerns somewhat by covering Siemens’ range of Extractor Hoods.

Before we even cover the functionality, it’s worth pointing out just how many kinds of Extractor Hood Siemens have available. As far as standard Extractor Hoods go, they offer bog standard Integrated Hoods (the kind most of you are likely familiar with), Canopy Hoods (ones which fit directly into cabinets above the oven), and especially innovative Telescopic Hoods (ones which are affix to the underside of an upper cabinet, and can be pulled out as needed). They also offer wall-mounted Chimney Hoods, which boast a look of class and sophistication alongside their functionality. Chimney Hoods and Overhead Hoods for Island-integrated ovens are also available. Perhaps the most innovative of all of their extractor hoods are their downDraft hoods, pull-up hoods that can be installed alongside hobs, and can be replaced into the worktops when they’re not needed.

The functionality offered by each type is also something to behold. Many of said Extractor Hoods are compatible with their cleanAir recirculating module, which thanks to a carbon filter with a slated surface, helps neutralise up to 95% of all kitchen odours. That puts it far ahead of most conventional recirculation technology, which will only reduce up to 70%. Other benefits to cleanAir include the fact that, due to the lack of exhaust, no heat is ventilated out of the kitchen, and the clean air stays within the kitchen environment. This goes hand in hand with their Rim Ventilation technology, which absorbs upwards of 90% of grease from cooking steam, which likewise leaves many of their competitors in the dust.

The power backing these amazing technologies is iQdrive motor. Utilising bleeding edge technology patented by Siemens, these motors are incredibly quiet, and have remarkably low power consumption. Taking all of this into consideration, you’d be foolish to not consider installing a Siemens Extractor Hood in your kitchen!