EH875KU12EPerhaps one of the most impressive appliance in any modern kitchen is the induction hob. The concept is that no direct heat is applied, and instead pots and pans vibrate at a super high frequency using the power of magnetism. This vibration causes them to heat up, but leaves the hob itself at or close to room temperature. This is especially useful for those with pets and children. The EH875KU12E is without question one of the top models available right now.

Underneath the beautiful glass surface lays an array of inductors, 48 of them to be exact. This allows you to use pots and pans of any shape; the limit truly is your imagination, providing they’re magnetic. Quick, safe, and efficient.

Easy to clean! No more rubbing between the nooks and crannies, the EH875KU12E is a single piece of glass meaning you can simply wipe clean. Not only this, but because there is no heat nothing gets burned onto the surface. The closest thing to ecstasy you’ll ever experience in the kitchen!

Life is made even more easy by an incredible colour TFT touch screen, allowing you to pick and choose the options you want without touching knobs and switches. It’s like being a member of the Jetsons family. The future is here, it’s called freeInduction, and it’s available at Silke Kitchens today. The Jetsons would be highly jealous, do doubt about it.