Siemens OvensWhen it comes to high quality, top of the line, designer kitchen worthy appliances; think Siemens. Among the best in the industry, Siemens ovens boast a plethora of different styles, all with an unmatched orchestra of features. Features like varioSpeed cooking, activeClean for keeping your oven beautiful kitchen that way, and cookCentral for ensuring a perfect results every time.

If you haven’t keep on top of recent advances in cooking technology, you may be surprised to know that microwaves are often now included inside many top range ovens. Less space taken up, and a more intelligent cooking process. For example, part microwaving a jacket potato and then finishing it off with raw heat. This speeds up the time it takes to cook, and all from one device. It seems simple, but we think it’s a pretty amazing option to have!

We are often asked which is better, steam ovens, or regular ovens. The answer is usually “it depends”, but did you know there is no longer a reason to choose? Go with something from the studioLine range and you can have regular, steam, and microwave all in one device. Don’t try and say that isn’t cool.

Some models within the studioLine range even have Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to preheat the oven whilst you’re on your way home. Keep track of the cooking time from the bath (but don’t drop your smartphone!) and turn it off from the car if you accidentally leave it on.

Are you a member of our Jewish community, and are concerned about Sabbath compliance? Worry not, because all Siemens ovens in the studioLine range feature a Shabbat mode. This option has proven very popular, and we proudly exhibit these models within our showroom in Hendon Central. Why not come and visit us? We’d love to show you around!