HB13MB621BOnce you go black, you never go back to stainless steel. The HB13MB621B sports a fully black design, inside and out, and is a breath of fresh air in an industry where almost all appliances feature a pairing of glossy black and stainless steel.

With two large ovens, cooking multiple food items at a time is about as easy as it gets, and with 3D Hot Air you can even mix sweet and savoury in the same oven. This is because shelves are individually serviced by multiple jets of hot air, which keep scents and tastes separated. It’s all pretty clever stuff if you ask us.

In keeping with the black aesthetic, featured here are multiple clock styles in glowing pure white. A wonderful juxtaposition against the black metal lacquered fascia, that’s for sure. Can you tell we love this style? All LEDs on the front are an ice blue colour, further completing the impressive visuals.

Tired of scrubbing down grease and grime? This tedious task is made infinitely easier with Siemens’ very cool ecoClean® technology, which is built into the back liner.

Last but not least, both ovens offer up a bright interior light so you can keep track of the delicious progress going on inside.