Smeg is one of the more well known appliance manufacturers in the world. It has been used as a brand name since 1948. The name comes from a town name in the country. Their name is well known and related to the high quality appliances that they produce. They are well known for their trademark enamelled ovens. The typical blue colour was specifically created for by this brand and to this day the recipe to create it remains a closely guarded secret.

Smeg make a number or appliances for the kitchen big and small. The bigger items they produce are:


Smeg set professional standards by using the latest technology, yet make it affordable and practical enough for use within the home. The stainless steel is 3mm thick and has been created so that it can be wall or surface mounted giving a finish of either visible or flush mounting depending on the customers’ preference.  They cater for all kinds of kitchens and customers, for those who want to cook for those within their household and to make life easier for those who like to entertain with multiple hobs and ovens.

Kitchen ventilation

To keep the kitchen looking fresh and modern Smeg ceiling ventilation has been created to be both functional and modern. They created it to be adaptable so that just one unit can suit the needs of every individual. Made specifically to suit the kitchen architecture, there is something for everyone!

Cooling appliances

The Smeg cooling range includes fridges, fridge freezers, wine coolers and a combination of all three to suit all kitchens. All appliances in this range have interiors that are made from stainless steel for functionality and durability. Customers can choose exactly what they want and need to have the perfect cooling system for their kitchen. Not only are they made to be whisper quiet but many can also boast the A+ efficiency class.

Cleaning appliances

Although the kitchen can be the place of many memories, Smeg also know that this is also where most of the cleaning takes place. Dishes and clothes can be a bore, but the company has made this arduous task as easy as possible with the latest technology and sleek designs. The washing machines and dishwashers have been made to use less energy and water yet give their owners the best results possible!

They also create smaller appliances such as their microwave ovens, coffee machines and even warming drawers to ensure food is always ready at the right temperature even if the diners aren’t at the table on time.


Smeg did extremely well in the 2008 IF awards for design. They still continue to set standards offering appliances to suit all styles from a farmhouse to the most modern kitchen, yet giving customers the most up to date technology.