Starting out in 1916, Zanussi came into existence when Antonio Zanussi started creating stoves for North East Italy. While the business started out slow, things really started to move along well in the 1950’s when Antonio’s son, Lino took over. At that time, the company had 300 men working for them and continued to create innovative, free-standing appliances that were being used all over Italy. Since that time, Zanussi has become one of the most popular appliance brands in Europe, creative appliances that are affordable and practical so that you can get on with enjoying your life. Not only does Zanussi manufacture ovens and stoves, but so much more, including dish washers, vacuums, and washers and dryers.

In 1980, Zanussi became a part of the Electrolux AB Stockholm. Their investment in the company really helped the company become what it is today. They are now developing innovative appliances with a gorgeous, Italian flair. You will see that all of the appliances offered by Zanussi are perfect for any kitchen design. Whether you like to keep it basic with black and white appliances or prefer a futuristic design featuring stainless steel, you’re covered with their lineup of appliances.

They offer beautiful ovens, perfect for cooking any meal, whether it’s just a pizza or a frozen entrée. You will also be able to steam meals in your oven. There are single ovens, double ovens and even ovens available to go underneath your counter. If you are limited for space, Zanussi offers a complete range of hobs for you to cook on as well. There are both gas hobs and induction hobs available. Hobs are safe and easy to clean up when not in use. You will also see that they offer a full line up fridges, some stand alone, as well as storage freezers. If you are in need of a new washer or dryer, Zanussi offers a line-up of those as well as vacuums and steam cleaners to keep the rest of your home in shape.

In addition to all of the wonderful appliances Zanussi offers, they also offer service and support when something is not working properly with your appliance. You will be able to get someone out to take a look at it soon. It is so easy for you to head onto the website or place a call to the company to book a repair so that you can get back to using your appliance and back to your life.

Whether you like to keep it classic or want to have a modern kitchen, Zanussi with their complete line of home appliances has you covered. They offer high-quality, innovative ovens, hobs and so much more all at affordable prices so that you can have the home you desire without having to break the bank. These products are designed to fit into your home, save you time and make your life simpler. Check out the lineup of Zanussi products and see for yourself how awesome they really are.