At Silke we pride ourselves on many things. Our top quality, ultra modern, German style kitchens; our commitment to quality customer service, throughout all stages of the design and sale process; and having come as far as we have through a combination of hard work, and standing by our principles. Recently, as a result of all our hard work, we were very lucky to win a prestigious honour from Houzz Inc., as part of their Best of Houzz awards. The honour that we received from the company was their esteemed Recommended on Houzz badge

As we’ve briefly covered on the site before, Houzz is the leading online platform for home designers (amateur or professional), home owners, and home improvement specialists, providing an easy means to connect with each other. The Recommended on Houzz badge is awarded to companies based on the number and quality of recent customer reviews. One cursory glance at our customer reviews page, and I think you’ll see exactly why we won the award!

In addition, we have also been awarded another honour from the company, by way of a Recommended By Houzz badge. We were awarded the right to present this proudly on our front page due to being a highly rated company among Houzz’s userbase, which we think you’ll agree is no small achievement!

No honour is too small for Silke, so don’t take this as an excuse for us to rest on our laurels. We intend to continue the hard work and dedication and that lead to us receiving these esteemed honours for many years to come!

If you have any questions regarding the installation or design of your dream kitchen, and would like to speak to someone at Silke about either process in more detail, be sure to read out to us through our contact page for friendly help and advice.