Okite LogoOkite (pronounced O-kee-te) is a manufacturer of top-quality surfacing materials. From their home in Montesarchio-Bonea, Italy, their professionals create stunning household surfaces which are then shipped to a warehouse in the United States. As the company is family owned, all the professionals are overseen by Antonio Izzo.

Okite can be used in an almost endless amount of ways for indoor projects. Whether it be kitchen worktops, bathroom vanities, table tops, desks, and even shower walls, they can do it all. The seemingly endless variety of colours, cuts, and edges ensure that there is a style for everyone.

What Makes Okite Stand Out?

To begin with, the company’s offerings are made up of over 90% natural quartz. The specific make-up of th business makes it stronger and more durable than even granite. It is heat, stain, and scratch resistant. The durability of Okite ensures that the product will look just as great several years later as the day that it was installed.

Unlike other popular natural surface materials such as granite, limestone, or soapstone, Okite never needs to be sealed. This is because they stand out from the rest by being non-porous while looking just as beautiful and elegant as the porous options. Due to this non-porous surface, they have been certified by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). This certification proves that Okite surfaces don’t harbour and grow bacteria like many porous surfaces do.

Green: The New Gold

An additional benefit to Okite is the fact that it has been certified by not only the NSF, but also by Greenguard Environmental Institute. Okite is certified under the Greenguard Standard for Low Emitting Products as well as the Greenguard for Children and Schools program. These certifications prove that they have passed several tests and earned the right to claim that all their surfaces do not emit any harmful gasses or VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds. The certifications from NSF and Greenguard prove that Okite is a safe and healthy option for any home or business.

Just because Okite is a family owned business who makes their products exclusively in Italy, that doesn’t mean that the prices are outrageous. Impressively, they’re priced similarly to other natural stone surfaces. Also, the majority of the colours available are all the same price. With most other surfacing materials, the cost of the product will rise in relation to the popularity of the colour.

With its strength and durability, affordability, and it’s safety certifications, Okite is a great option for any surfacing project, whether it be for the home or a business. The fact that the products are so elegant and beautiful they look more like works of art than just a surface is a bonus. This wonderful stone company can provide the colours and designs needed to make any surfacing project look phenomenal.