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As much of an obvious statement as it seems, it’s worth really taking stock of just how reliable the cutting edge, modern kitchen of today really is, even compared to those of a mere decade ago. Many of the most difficult kitchen-related tasks have been made far easier thanks to the introduction, perfection, and mass-adoption of several new forms of technology, and many more trivial ones have been made even easier to deal with; something very much welcomed in the fast-paced world we live in. One technology that we at Silke are particularly excited about, and would like to spend a little time talking about today, is the recent trend of boiling water taps.

We’ll answer the question some of our readers might have out the gate; boiling water taps differ from typical hot water taps in that there’s no time spent waiting for the water to heat up; it’s already hot from the moment you turn the tap on. And on top of that, most models are actually hotter then standard hot taps are, expelling water at around 94˚C to 98˚C. The reason for this is down to their main function; Boiling Water Taps are primarily intended to replace Kettles within the kitchen, thereby almost completely eradicating the time normally taken to prepare hot drinks.

That isn’t to say it’s the only feature a Boiling Water Tap provides; you can also sterilise items such as Baby Bottles or Needles, quickly Blanch vegetables or cooking Risotto, or (with care and caution) clean stubborn stains or blemishes like sticker residue more easily. It also goes without saying that installation of an Boiling Water Tap will lead to more free space in your kitchen.

Boiling Water Taps vs Instant Hot Water

Another feature that many boiling water taps include is that of a fully functional filter; not only does the water come through piping hot, but it’s also fully purified and safe to drink or clean with. In addition, there are a number of Boiling Water Tap models available that include a cold water tap alongside the hot water tap, which is likewise purified. A number of manufacturers including Blanco and Franke have introduced such options. Some have even put out three-in-one options which have regular, cold, and hot water in a single tap!

One thing that tends to put people off of buying them is the price tag, but don’t be so easily swayed; using boiling water taps instead of kettles can actually save you money. According to one notable provider, Boiling Water Taps use about 3p worth of energy a day to heat the water, compared to most contemporary kettles (which usually cost around 2.5p per-boil). In the long run, an Boiling Water Tap could actually save you money! If that wasn’t good enough already, many suppliers of Boiling Water Taps also sell them in designs that are as sleek and stylish as they are functional, meaning they’ll fit right at home in any cutting edge kitchen.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about them, though, is that variants of the technology have existed (and seen mass-adoption with the general public) since at least the 1970s. Though not completely identical, the technology powering most Boiling Water Taps is similar to the technology powering the hot taps on things like Water Coolers and Hot Water Dispensers. The Boiling Water Tap is simply a re-appropriation of the idea designed to accommodate the standard home, and as a more permanent, cost effective fixture.