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Space is at a premium in any kitchen, but if you’re working with compact kitchens to start with, it can feel nearly impossible to fit everything needed into the space available. It can be done, but it requires some planning. Here are some great ways to keep control of a smaller kitchen.

Everything Has To Have A Pace

Things pile up quick in the biggest of kitchens, so it won’t take very long for a smaller one to be completely buried in an overwhelming amount clutter. You’ll need a plan based on what sort of things tend to get left on your counters- if it’s papers from school, take out menus an coupons, one space efficient way to fix the problem is a wall mounted file holder. Staples makes a wide assortment of different file holders, so it’s easy to find one that fits into your decorating scheme.

Plastic containers are another space eater, particularly in large numbers; a good way to get around the problem is purchasing a matching set of containers that can fit into each other is a great way to save space. The Container Store carries a style for almost every situation you would require a plastic container for.

Take Advantage Of The Vertical

When you’ve only got so much counter space, a good rule of thumb is to start building up. Cabinets and shelves can be built all the way to the ceiling if need be (and if you’re willing to invest in a step ladder) ensuring that you’re using every inch of space available. Thesde can be adjusted, too, so you can have cans on the bottom shelves, and more space above for large containers like oatmeal boxes.

Hanging Pot Holders

A chandelier style hanger for your pots and pans is a great idea, using ceiling place in place of counter space; it also makes accessing the pots much easier. JK Adams makes one with a natural wood frame and steel hooks that’s going to look good in any compact kitchen, as well as a shelf built into the top for any pots that you can’t or don’t want to hang. It’s also got smaller hooks on the corners to hang serving spoons and ladles, keeping them in site when they’re needed.

Folding Tables

A table with collapsible sides, like the Threshold square rustic table from Target, is a time tested and very reliable space saver. Not only can it be folded away after meals, but it discourages clutter collection as well. After all, you can’t pile stuff on top of something that isn’t there.

Super Compact Kitchens

If you’ve got a very very small space to work with, like a dorm or a camper, a good option to check out is Compact Appliances. These are an absolute must for especially tight spaces, and come as small as 45cm wide. No sacrifices in performance, either!

Compact Kitchens on a Budget

It seems as though living spaces are getting smaller and certainly, people are more conscientious about leaving a smaller footprint. For apartment dwellers, especially those living in a large city, kitchen space can be a coveted, illusive thing, and nothing is more frustrating than wanting to cook a nice meal and fighting against space.

Thankfully, modern kitchen design has turned to units that are more compact and offer a wide range of space saving ideas, offering an all-in-one design ethic created to occupy a very small footprint, making them ideal for cottages, RV’s, boats, dorm rooms, small apartments, and even hotels. Most compact kitchens also come assembled, which leaves very little worry for the consumer and makes renovation extremely easy. This type of kitchen makes life simple and efficient, while saving space and looking stylish, which has made it very popular across Europe and Asia for decades.

The Essentials

A typical compact kitchen includes a sink, refrigerator, freezer, cook-top range, and a storage area, with dishwashers, microwaves, range hoods (complete with a fan, light, and filter) or added storage cabinets in a variety of sizes available as additional options if required. Shelving and counter top choices range from white to stainless steel, and hundred’s of finishes to choose from, whilst Stove choices typically offer electric burners, but some sport a clean glass cook-top as an option.

As with any innovative design, there are many different designers and unique ideas available. Some of the newest designs include a kitchen that is fully circular and rotates 180 degrees; It is a stand-alone unit that boasts a sink, dish racks, microwave, and dishwasher, in addition to a stove and ample storage space. Other amazingly creative designs that are fully functional and compact include mobile (yes, a kitchen on wheels!), collapsible, and modular units, with some that fold and flip away, doubling as linear artwork, while others slide up, out, and around to fully open up, and then fold back down into a neat, compact cube.

Compact certainly does not mean fewer amenities; in fact, the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing from the huge range of unique, space-saving, compact kitchens. With hundreds of finishes to choose from, and customisable parts and pieces that come pre-assembled. The hardest part may be deciding which compact kitchen is yours!

If you take the time to plan, obtain the proper tools, and have a little creativity to spare, you can make the absolute most of the space you have, no matter how small.