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The world of kitchen design isn’t a strict monopoly. For starters, no one single company deals with absolutely every aspect of the design, fitting, construction, and decorating of a kitchen. Either the consumer will have to work with multiple partners to complete their vision, or the design firm they throw their lot in with will be working closely with other companies (often as providers of appliances or materials). This is one of the many reasons we give a bit of a platform to other companies. And today, were doing just that, by briefly covering Farrow & Ball.

Founded by John Farrow and Richard Maurice Ball in Wimbone Mister during the 1930s, Farrow & Ball is a provider of high-end paints for decorative purposes. So high end, in fact, that the company have worked closely with the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty, formulating near exact colour matches for the restoration of historic and protected buildings. In the decades since their formation, they’ve managed to go multinational (with branches in mainland Europe, Canada, and the United States) have produced three books- Paint and Colour in Decoration, The Art of Colour, and Living With Colour- and even offer a range of wallpaper patterns made using traditional block, trough and roller methods. Of course, their main draw is their expansive range of paint colours, which currently stands at a total of 132 colours.

And boy oh boy, what an incredible range of 132 colours. Firstly, the expansive range features a significant number of neutral, or otherwise subtle shades instead of overt, bold, “in your face” tones. That isn’t to say the range is by any means boring; in fact, it’s this dedication to a somewhat classier range of colours that makes Farrow & Ball stand out. The “neutral” category alone contains 55 breathtaking shades, including Old White, Oxford Stone, Tallow, Salon Drab, and Clunch, any of which would work as a leading colour in any kitchen. Colours from their slightly bolder ranges, too, are standout- Blazer, Babouche, Churlish Green, Arsenic, and Pelt rate as some of our personal favourites.

In addition, the paints come in a number of finishes to suit any potential need, from Dead Flat to Exterior Eggshell, and Full Gloss to Limewash. No matter what you require paint for, Farrow & Ball has you covered!

If you’re looking for an extra touch of class and sophistication in your modern, German style kitchen, then a splash of Farrow & Ball paint is just what you need!