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German engineering is known around the world for its advanced technological abilities and super efficiency. Makers of German kitchen appliances use these expert engineering skills to create superior quality items for all household needs.

That’s why, when looking to kit out your kitchen these are the only way to go. Whether you are looking for a refrigerator or dishwasher, washing machine or hob the chances are the best product available will be one from a German brand. Here are a few of the best.


Neff have been producing top quality appliances for well over a hundred years. Although their history of excellence speaks for itself Neff continue to work hard at staying innovative and current. They take research seriously and are constantly working on improvements to the quality and sustainability of their products. Neff’s commitment to lowering energy consumption throughout their range means they are not only the perfect choice for the eco-conscious but can save a lot of money along the appliance’s lifespan. You can also but compact kitchen appliances from Neff for a small kitchen. There are a number of Neff showrooms throughout the country.


Probably one of the best known manufacturers of German kitchen appliances Bosch prides themselves in producing appliances that deliver first class performance time and time again.  Employees are still guided by the ways of visionary founder Robert Bosch and task themselves with making our everyday lives easier. From small appliances such as compact washers and dryers to free standing ranges and ventilation systems, Bosch has all your kitchen needs covered. With showrooms worldwide and constantly winning consumer awards for greatness Bosch have found the perfect blend of practicality and design.


Leibherr makes refrigerators and freezers. The first thing to know about them is that they’re an environmental conscious company- most of their products are energy star ranked, and everything they make has been CFC free since 1993. When making their refrigerators, they use purified water to make sure they aren’t dumping any chemicals into the local water supply, and they have collection stations for refrigerators that are ready to be thrown away.

One great model is the 24” BioFresh. As the name would apply, it’s 24 inches wide, taking up very little floor space (leaving plenty of room for counters), and instead takes advantage of vertical space to allow for more room. If you’re wondering what BioFresh means, it’s the drawers inside the fridge; they keep produce at near freezing, but not quite, keeping fruits and veggies longer. It’s also got a soft close on the door, which is a device that prevents the door from slamming, avoiding damage and spills inside the refrigerator. And, of course, this is an energy efficient model, which means you save money in the long run on your electric bill.


Another company with a long history of quality German engineering, Miele are renowned for supplying high-end luxury domestic appliances. As well as offering the regular fare of ovens, hobs and fridges, Miele produce some impressive luxury products. One that immediately comes to mind is the MasterCool; a gigantic state of the art fridge freezer with more added features than you could ever need. It does however cost over £7000 which goes to show that whilst Miele produce superb quality German appliances they do not come cheap. A nice touch is the fact the company organise a range of cooking and lifestyle courses giving consumers a chance to associate more with the brand.


Along with the previously mentioned companies, Siemens has long been producing high quality german kitchen appliances. However, they are taking technological innovation further than most now rolling out appliances such as dishwashers and ovens with app-controlled connectivity. This means you could now change the temperature of the oven or set the dishwasher program from your phone. Right now this is available on iOS but there will soon be an Android version too.

Any home can benefit from the German engineering these companies are famed for. All these brands are at the forefront of technology and efficiency and go to prove that the best things for your kitchen really are German appliances.