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London is a wonderful city to live in, and there’s no greater part of life than creating delicious food! A luxurious kitchen is essential to a fulfilling cooking experience, so kick back and learn what elements you need to add to your kitchen to take your kitchen environment from an ordinary mundane kitchen, to a full-fledged luxury kitchens experience.

Let’s start with the basic element required for a luxury kitchen: plenty of space. There’s no point in packing a tiny kitchen with as many appliances and gadgets as you can find; for a luxury kitchen you want space, and lots of it. A large part of having a luxury kitchen is getting to show it off, and how will you be able to throw those lavish kitchen parties if no one can fit in your kitchen?

Luxury Kitchens in London

Obviously you can should choose only the most modern and aesthetically pleasing kitchen designs. There are several great kitchen company showrooms in London that have whole kitchens on display for you, so visiting one is an essential first step to take. Currently, most luxury kitchens feature a very streamlined and minimalist design, with large islands comprising a significant portion of the kitchen. No handles or knobs should be present and stoves, and hobs should be so thin you can hardly notice them. Your refrigeration units should be almost indistinguishable from the cabinets and cupboards around them, and everything should flow, appearing like one complete unit. This allows for complete focus on what’s important in the kitchen: the delicious food you make in it!

Now let’s look at some features that will take your kitchen from an ordinary style to luxury style: The most exciting new feature in kitchen technology has got to be induction hobs. Induction heating uses magnetism to excite the molecules in your cooking pan, meaning that the pan alone is the cooking surface, making them a must have for any luxury kitchen. Induction hobs heat faster and use less electricity than any other type of hob, meaning they’re the most energy efficient option out there. While on the subject of stoves, it’s important to mention grilling, steaming, and deep fat frying stove additions. Throwing a party and need to deep fat fry some ice cream? Not a problem, there’s a stove option for just that function. Is it snowing out, but you feel like grilling some steaks? There’s stove options made for grilling as well, sparing you needing to brave the cold for that flame-grilled taste. With all these fancy stove options, you’re going to need an excellent and quiet extractor hood for excess smoke and unwanted scents. These can be turned into beautiful focal points, or installed with a minimal presence, so that you don’t even know they’re there.

Have Some Wine

No meal is complete without a good wine, which means that for any London luxury kitchen to be fully stocked, you will need a good wine cooler. These can be integrated into an island or separate bar, their presence concealed should you decide you don’t want to share.

With all of these new features in your kitchen, consider linking all of your appliances to a central touchscreen control panel, or even your smart phone. That way you can cook from anywhere in the house without setting your place on fire.

Incorporate these elements into your design and you’ll be well on your way to owning one of the most elaborate and luxury kitchens in London!