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Nowhere in the house is it more important to have the best quality appliances and supplies than in the kitchen, because if your kitchen is fun and easy to work in, you’re more likely to want to take the time to cook at home. Planning your high quality kitchen can be incredibly daunting, however; there are so many brands and styles, it’s difficult to know what the right fit for your kitchen is offhand.  If you’re getting ready to create a high quality kitchen in your home, here are some places to start:

Planning Your High Quality Kitchen: Start Small

If you want to create a high quality kitchen, you need to start small. And by small, I mean the ingredients. A well-stocked Spice Rack is a good jumping off point; Herbs and Spice are, in many ways, the key to really bringing the best out of your meal, and having an array of dried Spiced and Herbs on hand is one of the best and most basic kitchen practices you can employ. However, there are times when you come across a recipe that calls for Fresh Herbs or Spices, and in those situations, it comes in handy to have a  good Herb Box Garden. Thankfully, Gardeners Outpost makes a great compact box garden, which makes use of specially designed enamelware herb pots.

What Are You Cooking With?

Next, you should move onto the equipment you use to actually cook with; your pots and pans. When thinking of what you need, think of what you’re likely to cook. Do you do a lot of baking? Are you a big steak and egg cooker, or vegetarian? More importantly, what pots and pans in your house do you use now, and what’s just collecting dust?

When buying your new cooking pots, keep in mind cleaning and upkeep. Caring for a nonstick pan and caring for an cast iron skillet are very different, except that in most cases, neither one can go into the dishwasher. One very good brand of nonstick cookware is made by a company called Scanpan, who offer a variety of pot and pan styles in various sizes, for any situation or type of recipe.

The Appliances

Finally, planning your high quality kitchen begins with investing in a good quality oven, refrigerator, and other such appliances. Once again, consider your needs first- what are you going to be cooking, and what do you need to do it? Is a four range stove big enough? How much oven space do you need, and will you benefit from having a multiple stove option? Do you want to consider induction cooking  Do you prefer gas or electric stoves?

Once you have an idea of what you need, start looking.  Maytag’s always been a well known brand, and for a good reason; their Gemini series MET8885XW is a good option, with five ranges of different sizes, and a double oven with independent temperatures, meaning you’ll be able to get everything at the right temperature at one time with ease.

A high quality kitchen is an investment, but it’s one worth making. When you consider the amount of money you save by cooking at home instead of eating out, you’re new high quality kitchen will pay for itself.