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What does kitchen fitting involve? Kitchen fitting involves expertise and accuracy for the best results. Paying for a kitchen to be fitted professionally is advisable as it means that not only is the work guaranteed but you will also have a well fitted kitchen to meet your needs.

What does kitchen fitting involve?

First, a plan of the layout will be needed to ensure a snug fit of any worktops, sinks and appliances. Ensuring that the kitchen you have chosen will fit into the space available is extremely important. Professional kitchen fitting is generally done using measurements as well as modern technology so that both the fitter and customer can see how the finished result will look before work even commences.

Depending on the amount of work you wish to be undertaken, it is also important to know exactly where water pipes and electrical sockets and wires run. This is firstly so that nothing is damaged when work starts and also great to know if you want to keep pipes, wires and sockets in their original place. Making the decision of moving or keeping wires and pipes where they are can make a big difference to the layouts available to you.

Think about what you need to have in the kitchen. Will you need a tumble dryer, garbage disposal unit or anything additional? If there is anyone in the house with mobility problems you may need to think about putting cupboards lower or making more floor space so that specialist equipment can be catered for.

Additional help from professionals

Even if you decide to undertake the fitting process yourself, there are certain jobs that will need to be undertaken by a professional. One example of this would be a new gas cooker, or even the removal of the old one to ensure safety. You will need to find a competent and qualified professional or the work could be deemed illegal and cause problems not only to you and your family, but also if in the future you choose to sell the property. Any accidents and/or damage caused by faulty gas work not undertaken by a professional could even invalidate your home insurance.

Although taken for granted, electricity can also be dangerous, which is why rewiring, new placement of wall sockets and even installation of appliances that don’t plug straight into a socket can make the task hazardous, not to mention illegal. What does kitchen fitting involve? Your life if you don’t take precautions. This is why some work should be undertaken by a registered professional.

What else do I need to know?

Cutting corners by using fixtures and fittings that are not specifically created for the job could be fine for a few months, but over time the money you may have saved purchasing cheaper additional items could mean the whole kitchen needs replacing, or at the very least looks shabby after very little time. For this reason ensure that if contemplating the kitchen fitting yourself that you use the right tools for the job. A professional will already have all they need so in this instance you won’t need to worry.