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You may ask why buy a wine cooler and question don’t I have a fridge for that ? Well, wine coolers do exactly what they say on the tin and that is cool wine. They are designed purely to do this, they are made to chill your wine to the perfect temperature which is ideal for serving white and Rose wine and some models even allow for dual cooling for red and white wine.

Many wine coolers allow for the temperature to be adjusted to your preference for chilling wine. In fact some models even have dual modes which allow for wine to be chilled at a different temperature at the same time. This is perfect for a party or entertaining when you want to serve both white and red wine as dual models allows for 45 f for whites and 65 f for red at the same time.  But what about sparkling wine? Well some models can also chill wine to the low temperature of 40 to 43 f which many people like for drinking sparkling wine.

How to decide on the best cooler for you

Now that you have decided that a wine coolers is an essential addition to you kitchen you need to know what to look for when finding a great cooler.

  • Decide what wine you want to chill: This allows you to look for a basic cooler or a dual.
  • Decide on what size will work in your space and also make sure you look for a cooler that has the capacity to chill ALL of that delicious wine.

Compare the coolers

You have decided on  the size and style of the cooler but need to choose which one you would like to have to complete your kitchen. When comparing wine coolers we would think of the following.

  • Depending on the age and price of your wine you may want specific features such as light protected doors these would protect your wine from light and would work perfectly for you to preserve your wine in the best condition possible.

As you can see there is lots to take into consideration when choosing a cooler but we also hope that you have decided that a wine cooler will be the perfect addition to you kitchen. Happy cooler hunting.