Cooking is many things; an art, a science, a necessity, etc. Above anything else, though, Cooking is about timing. And one of the greatest conundrums of cooking is finishing one thing off, only for another to still be in the cooking process. Alternatively, you may wind up in a scenario where a meal or dish is fully prepared, but it needs to be kept warm for a period of time before serving. Sometimes, you may just want to keep your plates warm before serving your meal. In many of these scenarios, most people would resort to using the grill compartments of their ovens as a makeshift solution. Thankfully, Siemens warming drawers have your back by way of their innovative products.

Each of their Warming Drawer models admits heat at four separate levels, from 30°C to 80°C, meaning they can be used to warm through crockery, keep food heated, and even allow for very light cooking of some foods if required. Already that sounds very promising, but it gets even better; they can either be installed in the kitchen independent of any appliance, or can be installed alongside one of Siemens standard ovens, or one of their Compact45 appliances.

Finally, their warming drawers fall in line with Siemens design philosophy of form alongside function, combining a trendy modern chic with ease of use. Nowhere is this more evident then the handless design, that nonetheless remains easy to open and close by way of a push/pull function.